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MCR actually broke up. To say that is a surprise is an understatement-they were still working on music. I'm puzzled, but I'm sure we won't get much of an explanation. I know a lot of fans want one now, but after the way Bob left, I don't expect one.

I don't really know how I feel about it-I was devastated when Bob left, and I had been out of the fandom for about a year. It's been about three more years and now I'm just like "oh". I don't understand it really, but I'm not crying into my keyboard either.

It's been so fun to me fandom-wise, because I was in bandom from about 2004-ish to 2008, and then about a year or two into Adam Lambert fandom, most of my Adam people started getting into bandom! It was this lovely second wave and it was so much fun for me to see everyone getting involved. I could've done more to help people catch up, but there was a lot of enabling going on on that front. :)

Oh well. Think of all the interesting projects! Ray will probably do something awesome-I can't see him not playing music. Frank has Leathermouth and he'll probably have six other bands as well since "resting" seems to be a foreign concept to him. Gerard will probably do more comics, and I'd be happy if he did other stuff, branched out. Like do a voice for a kid's cartoon, something silly.

Then there's Mikey. Mikey to me, needs some time away from the spotlight. I hope he does.

And actually, I'm glad in a way we got a clean "we broke up" over a "we're on hiatus". Even though Fall Out Boy turned out to be telling the truth about the "hiatus", most bands don't.
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