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[Error: unknown template qotd]Well, so far I was baptized in the Southern Baptist church at 15. And they don't play-I was baptized by immerssion, held under briefly by a 70-some year old pastor with shaking hands. Did I mention that I'm scared of the water? That lasted five years, until I realized that me and the Baptists just didn't see eye to eye about...well anything. (Nice people, just not my cup of tea as a religion.)

Then I spent ten years involved in Wicca, or "moon-hugging" as I call it now. I eventually joined a coven and was a good little Pagan. Went to meetings, celebrated the Sabbats, went to a Pagan festival, jumped over bonfires. Wicca is definately more fun that being a Baptist. But the same bullshit happens-religious groups of any type have people in them, and soon there were folks being kicked out, witch wars with other covens, and finally a full-on coup where the Priestess and Priest were dismissed. By this time, I was already gone-the vibe was terrible.

One day, I realized I hadn't prayed in months. So I took down my altar. All my candles, my athame, my god and goddess statues-all packed in a box. I think I still have it in my closet. Soon after I took it down I felt my beliefs change fairly quickly into the "atheist" catergory. I barely stopped long enough to be agnostic-after trying really hard on two opposite belief systems, I just said "You know what? I've had enough."

So that's held for a few years. I wonder what's going to happen next. (My lifelong atheist husband just said "no gurus".)

ETA: I looked for my box of old altar stuff. It's gone. I must have given it all away at some point. All I've got in there is old Creem magazines from the 80's and my box of Halloween decorations.


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