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Had to go back to the guy who took out my back molar. I was having persistent pain and light bleeding. He filled the gap with some putty-like stuff and gave me another prescription for Lortabs.

My generic Lortabs with insurance were less than $3 for eight pills. No wonder we're having an opiate epidemic, that's cheaper than Mad Dog 20/20. Granted, Lortabs are not that strong compared to some.
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Ow! My back got a not-nice pull, but it's better now. I really have to go in to work because I'm working for someone else. A co-worker wanted to take her daughter trick or treating. I'm gonna be sitting down all day today. I really thought I'd have to call in, but the ice pack did the trick.

...This is a bad day. I'm glad I'm not celebrating Halloween again this year. I just kinda don't care. (Last year's had a minor medical proceedure too, so I just can't be bothered.)

Happy Halloween, at any rate.
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Today, my new spinal block met the real world.

I worked a six hour shift, then came home and did some light housework. (I had done more light housework before leaving for work as well.)

Verdict: no pain that I would consider worth noticing until after ten pm. And after some time with a pillow under my back and a little Icy Hot, it settled down.

Standing and lifting still irritate it, but now it's not every time but after a full day that this happens. So I am seeing some improvement, but no bouncing around in the daisies yet.


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