Jun. 8th, 2015 01:00 am
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Thursday I went to my GP for among other things, to get some help with my legs. I've been having painful pins and needles in my thighs, also numbness, burning-all the fun little nerve tricks. I thought I'd ask him for a referral, or something. Anything. I got bupkis.

Turned out his office let me wait over an hour before telling me that he had left earlier. And they only told me because I'd ask. Since I was there, and fasting, I insisted on being seen anyway. A nurse who was able to do so filled my prescriptions, and another doctor saw my briefly. She promised to get some medication for my legs, but it was never given to the pharmacy.

Today I tried to get out of bed, and screamed in pain. I immediately got up and called out of work, and then we went to urgent care. I had to wait a long time, because someone had to be sent to the hospital. But the doctor did see me, and her theory was it was from my back. I wouldn't be surprised-my back had been fairly all right. Maybe it got jealous of all the problems I'd had with my lungs and decided to show me who's boss, I don't know.

So she took some x-rays, got me a couple of shots and some meds, and things are somewhat better now. It's not 100%, but I'm not in a lot of pain. Still some numbness though.

One thing though, she prescribed me some muscle relaxants. My pre-sober self LOVED muscle relaxants with booze. They were fun. It's so funny, I'm 14 years sober, and when I saw those pills, a little voice in the back of my head said "HI FRIEND! FRIEND! LET'S GET WASTED!" But no, no, have to take them like an adult. Being medicated for my mental illness makes a BIG difference.

Oh, and my blood sugar is high. Tomorrow I'll bring that up while I'm looking for a new GP.
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Ow! My back got a not-nice pull, but it's better now. I really have to go in to work because I'm working for someone else. A co-worker wanted to take her daughter trick or treating. I'm gonna be sitting down all day today. I really thought I'd have to call in, but the ice pack did the trick.

...This is a bad day. I'm glad I'm not celebrating Halloween again this year. I just kinda don't care. (Last year's had a minor medical proceedure too, so I just can't be bothered.)

Happy Halloween, at any rate.
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Today, my new spinal block met the real world.

I worked a six hour shift, then came home and did some light housework. (I had done more light housework before leaving for work as well.)

Verdict: no pain that I would consider worth noticing until after ten pm. And after some time with a pillow under my back and a little Icy Hot, it settled down.

Standing and lifting still irritate it, but now it's not every time but after a full day that this happens. So I am seeing some improvement, but no bouncing around in the daisies yet.


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