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Fandom: Adam Lambert
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Author: [personal profile] i_amthecosmos
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,167
Prompt: Ball/Dance/Prom, from [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo
Summary: Adam can’t bring Tommy to the prom, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a dance.
Disclaimer: None of this is real. This is a non-profit work of fan fiction. Please do not Tweet it to anyone who is portrayed in this story. Thank you.
Warnings: Underage sex (boys are seventeen)
Notes: This is a tag to We Dance to the Sound of Sirens. It takes place a few months later, on prom night.

It was one am when Tommy heard the knock on the door. Finally, he thought. He got up and when he opened it, Adam was there in a nice black tux with a cummerbund and bow tie. He looked shy, but Tommy thought even with the cummerbund he looked pretty damn good. Tommy hugged him hard right the fuck there in the doorway. “Come on, get in here,” he said, pulling Adam by the arm.

They kissed for what seemed like an hour, Tommy trying to get as close to Adam as possible. When they broke off, Adam slid a hand down Tommy’s back, down his jacket. “You got all dressed up for me.”

Tommy laughed as he struck a pose, sticking his tongue out. He had on a tux as well, but with a longer jacket and no tie. His laughter faded as Adam kept staring at him, and stopped entirely when Adam ran a hand down the front of his shirt. “You look…amazing. Unbelievable.” Tommy swallowed, held still by the intensity of Adam’s gaze. Adam stroked a hand through his hair. “I’m glad you grew this out.”

“Thank you,” was all Tommy could say. He was amazed by his reaction, because he still saw Adam all the time, even though he couldn’t go to his school anymore. He knew how much they loved each other, but right now he was under Adam’s control. Thinking about that let him shake it off a little, and was able to move, pulling forward to kiss Adam again. “Come in, I fixed the house up.”

“Holy shit, you did,” Adam said, staring at the living room that Tommy normally hated. He had moved away the furniture and dimmed the lighting. “It looks awesome, just like the prom.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t get a disco ball though. I’m sure you miss it.” They laughed, Tommy watching how happy and in the moment Adam was. “How was it?” Tommy’s voice was gentle. He knew that Adam wished he could have taken him, but it wasn’t possible. Adam had to keep quiet about them being together, even though at this point it was an open secret. Tommy’s getting expelled helped quiet things, but Adam taking Tommy as his date…he shuddered to think of what would have happened to them.

“It was okay. Alisan made a great date, and we had a good time on the dance floor. Anoop and Megan looked great, it’s a shame you didn’t see them.”

“I’ll see the pictures later,” he said, nuzzling his face in Adam’s neck. “You’re here late, so I know you went to Alisan’s afterparty.” He could smell cigarette smoke on Adam’s jacket, and he knew Adam never smoked. “I’m sorry I couldn’t go.”

“Don’t apologize. Yeah, it was fun. Um, I didn’t drink anything.” Tommy hugged him closer and didn’t say anything. He already knew that, because Adam didn’t smell like whiskey. That would’ve been hard to hide. “I missed you, I wish you could have come.”

“I know. I wish I could too, but I wouldn’t expect Alisan to make it a sober after party. Who the hell has those after prom? It’s her house, anyway. I just couldn’t make it, is all.” Tommy kissed Adam’s neck and changed the subject before he started thinking about it too much. “I did okay in my English class.” He figured Adam already knew that, since they talked nearly every night.
“College suits you,” Adam said, and Tommy didn’t bother to argue that it was only community college and not that big of a deal. Adam didn’t really let him get away with that, and secretly Tommy was glad. Cassidy kept telling him to stop minimizing his successes, and he was trying. He really was.

“Hey,” Adam said. “You got everything fixed up…can we dance? Or do you not want to?” Tommy grinned then and held up a mix tape. “Oh, let me see…” Adam too it from him, and he stood there in awe for a minute. “Wow. Prince, Whitney Houston…oh. You put something you like on here too.”

“You can slow dance to the Velvet Underground.” Adam looked doubtful and Tommy had to laugh. “I promise. But go ahead, but on whatever you want me to dance with me to.” Adam kissed him again, then went to the stereo Tommy had set up in the living room.

Adam took a minute or two to rewind the tape, then he hit play and Tommy was assaulted by the sounds of Whitney Houston. Oh well, he thought. I put the goddamn song on the tape. But then Adam turned and smiled at him, big and sweet, and Tommy forgot about the music. Then Adam was in his arms, pulling Tommy to his chest, and he sighed. “Dance with me,” Adam said, and Tommy nodded.

“I can’t really dance, though,” he whispered, but Adam just tipped his face up for a kiss and held him. They swayed to the music, Tommy resting his head on Adam’s shoulder. The texture of Adam’s jacket against his cheek was soft and calming. Tommy sighed and Adam held him closer. “I miss you. I mean, we see each other all the time, but not being in school…”

“You couldn’t help that,” Adam whispered. “Don’t worry about it. I’m here now.” Tommy pressed a kiss to Adam’s jaw and didn’t say anything more. The Whitney song finished, and then it went into a slow Prince number, one of Adam’s favorites. Adam pressed him closer and Tommy knew it was a good pick.

They swayed together for a while, Adam holding him, and when the song ended Adam let go, going to turn off the tape. “Can we sit down?” he said, and Tommy nodded and sat on the couch. Adam took his jacket off and held Tommy’s hand for a minute. “It was a nice dance,” Adam said. “I wished you were there.”

“I would never go to a prom anyway,” Tommy said, squeezing Adam’s hand. “At least, not if I wasn’t with you.” Tommy put his head on Adam’s shoulder. “There’s not a lot I won’t do for you.” Adam looked at him, worried, and Tommy quickly said “I mean, I won’t…you know I try to take care of myself now.” Tommy was, he was stronger now than he’d ever been, and Adam was proud of him.

Adam kissed him, soft but still with an edge of possessiveness to it, and Tommy nipped his bottom lip. Soon they were kissing and pulling at each other’s clothes, trying to get to each other’s bodies. “Tommy,” Adam said, and he started unbuttoning Tommy’s shirt so fast that one button flew across the room. Tommy laughed, but didn’t try to stop him. Adam barely noticed. “Come on,” Adam said. “Help me.” Tommy nodded and stood up, taking off his shirt and his shoes. When he reached for Adam’s shirt, Tommy felt him flinch at first. Adam still wasn’t that comfortable taking his shirt off, and Tommy let go, looking at Adam’s face to see if he was going too far. “It’s…yeah,” Adam said, and he took one of Tommy’s hands and put it on his chest. “It’s okay.”

“Tell me if it’s not,” Tommy whispered, and then he unbuttoned one button, then two. He watched Adam’s face, waiting to see if he frowned or tried to flinch away, but he didn’t. Tommy slowly unbuttoned the shirt until it was open and only Adam’s undershirt was visible. “You want me to stop here?”

“Yeah, for now.” Adam took off his shoes, then stood up. “Let’s go to your bedroom, okay?” Tommy held Adam’s hand as he led him upstairs. When they got to the doorway of his room, Adam kissed him again, and Tommy moaned again. Adam was such a fucking amazing kisser, Tommy was still bowled over by it.

Adam pulled back too soon in Tommy’s opinion, but then he was in his room and shoving his slacks down. Tommy couldn’t really disagree with that, so he just sat on his bed and watched. “Take your clothes off,” Adam said, and Tommy realized he was still wearing his pants. He got undressed and laid back on the bed as Adam stripped, leaving the undershirt on. Adam had gotten all the way naked with him two or three times since the first night, but he didn’t always feel that comfortable. Tommy understood it, but he still liked it best when Adam curled around him naked.

Adam kissed him again, and one hand slid down Tommy’s back and cupped his ass. He groaned, breaking the kiss, and tipped his head back. “More,” he said, and he moaned again when Adam squeezed his ass, then kissed up his neck. He could feel Adam holding back, and he rubbed up against Adam’s body. “It’s okay. I’ll do what you want tonight. I know it’ll be good.”

“Are you sure?” Adam looked at him, eyes big in the dark, and Tommy nodded. “Okay. Tell me if it’s too much.” Adam pulled him in for a kiss, his hand still on Tommy’s ass, and Tommy relaxed into it. He wanted Adam to know that he trusted him. Adam kept kissing him as his other hand slipped between their bodies and wrapped around his cock. Tommy nipped at Adam’s lip and Adam chuckled. “You’re so adorable,” he said, and Tommy thought about how if someone had called him ‘adorable’ six months ago, he would have punched them hard enough to draw blood. Adam had changed him in a lot of ways, and they had mostly been good ones.

Adam kept stroking Tommy’s cock, just enough to put him on edge, and Tommy let him do it, even as he shook with the concentration of keeping still and not rushing it. Adam kissed him again, and whispered “You’re being so good for me. Do you want more?” Tommy nodded, and moved into Adam’s touch. Then Adam let go and Tommy had to bite his lip to keep from protesting. Adam was moving then, reaching over him to get at the condoms and lube in the nightstand. Tommy didn’t react, didn’t ask what Adam was going to do, then he saw him reach for the gloves. He grabbed one and gave it to Adam.

Adam put the glove on and then settled down between Tommy’s legs, kissing his thigh, and Tommy spread his legs a little further. He felt Adam roll the condom on his dick right before Adam’s mouth covered it. Tommy bit his lip. Adam went down a couple of times, then pulled off, coughing. “I sill wish we didn’t have to use condoms.” Tommy petted his hair.

“I know,” Tommy said. “But we have to. You know how it is.” He didn’t say anymore about it-Adam knew that he still worried. But now wasn’t the time to bring it up, not when he had Adam right there, and Adam apparently didn’t want to dwell on it either. Tommy heard the cap from the lube open, and a couple of seconds later he flinched a little from the cold sensation of it against his ass. “Uh,” he said, pushing against it until Adam’s fingertip slipped in. “That’s...”

“Yeah,” Adam said, breathless as if it were him on his back and not Tommy. “Yeah. It looks amazing.” He closed his eyes then, because if he kept watching Adam this was all going to end too soon. Adam stopped talking then, sucking him and touching him gently. Tommy felt alive, like there was electricity buzzing under his skin wherever Adam touched him.

“Okay?” Adam said, and Tommy opened his eyes, wondering what he was talking about. Then he felt another finger slide inside him, and he nodded. The pressure and stretch were familiar, not unpleasant at all. He moaned and moved against the fingers, and Adam bit him at the crease of his hip and thigh, then Adam’s mouth moved back down to his cock, and Tommy gripped the sheets to keep from grabbing Adam’s head.

It took a long time, but Adam’s mouth and fingers kept Tommy riding at the edge for a while. When he finally came, he let go of the sheets and pulled at Adam’s hair, moaning. “Shit,” he said, and Adam giggled as he pulled the condom off Tommy and moved up to kiss him. “That…fuck.” Tommy kissed Adam back, whimpering at the feeling of emptiness without Adam’s fingers. “But, I need to do something for you, what can I do?”

Adam kissed him again, smiling. “I almost don’t care. I really liked going down on you. I love to see you get off on what I do.” He blushed a little, and Tommy laughed. Adam really loved being in control, and it had gone from being something they fought about into kind of a turn-on. “I mean…if it’s okay, can I fuck you?” Tommy’s laughter dried up and he stared at Adam. “I mean, is that okay?”

“Yeah. Fuck yeah it’s okay.” Tommy kissed him again. “How do you want me?” He started to turn over. “On my hands and knees?” Adam looked a little surprised, and Tommy shook his head. “Come on, did you think I’d say no? We hardly ever do this.”

“I thought that I wasn’t good, so I don’t ask for it too much.” Adam didn’t argue with him anymore, instead he ran a hand down Tommy’s back to his ass. “I…let me get another condom.”

“Yeah, definitely” Tommy said, dropping his head between his shoulders as Adam moved on the bed, getting a condom and the lube. “Um, maybe finger me a little more.” Tommy felt good, but he knew he needed more time before Adam could be inside him. Not that he minded too fucking much.

Adam leaned over and kissed his hip, then pulled away. “Okay baby.” Tommy breathed in and out as Adam kept moving his fingers, careful and slow. When Tommy didn’t want Adam to be so careful anymore, he pushed against them until Adam got the message. When Adam added a third finger, Tommy hissed and Adam said “Sorry, sorry. Want me to stop?”

“No,” Tommy said, bracing his feet against the bed. “Keep going.” Adam looked up at him and smiled before dropping his gaze back to the fingers he was moving inside Tommy. After a minute Tommy put a hand on Adam’s shoulder. “Stop.” Adam looked up, worried. “I mean, I’m ready. You can fuck me now. Do you want me on my hands and knees? Or can we try it like this?” He spread his legs further apart, and Adam looked like he was going to fuckin’ choke.

“I…okay. If you think it won’t hurt you.” Adam moved up then and Tommy leaned up into the kiss, then Adam pulled back, grabbing a condom. Tommy was fully hard again, panting as he watched his boyfriend roll on the condom and grab the lube. “You’re so hot, baby” Tommy lifted one of his legs, and Adam grabbed it, putting it on his shoulder. “Okay.” There was a minute where nothing happened, and Tommy could see Adam fumbling around. Then there was a press, and Tommy tried not to hold his breath as Adam started pushing in him.

It felt bigger, it felt huge that way, but Tommy didn’t make any noise. He just looked at the ceiling, afraid to look right at Adam then. It might be too much. But then he heard Adam grunt as he slid in further, and he saw the look on concentration on his boyfriend’s face. “Hey,” he said, and Adam looked up at him and smiled, and he almost wanted to fucking cry, Adam was so sweet.

“Should I use more lube?” Adam said, and Tommy shook his head because while normally more lube was a good idea, right then he felt just fucking fine and didn’t care if it hurt or not. He was going to take it, because now Adam was all the way in and it was great. “Oh,” Adam said, and Tommy looked at him again. The light was dim, but Tommy could still see the sweat on Adam’s forehead and the look in his eyes. “Baby,” Adam said, and then he broke off as he moved inside Tommy.

“Don’t come yet,” Tommy said, gritting his teeth. “Don’t. I want it, please.” He had to close his eyes again before it became too much for him too. Adam moved again, and he grabbed Adam’s wrist, the one holding his leg up. “Come on.”

Adam moved again, and fuck, Tommy was going to be feeling that one. “Is it okay? Tell me.” Adam looked up at him and Tommy nodded, wanting Adam to know that he was fine, he was more than fine. It was just fucking fantastic. “Love you,” he said, and then he started moving in a rhythm, making Tommy gasp and move back. “Holy shit,” Adam said. “I don’t know, if I can…”

“Don’t stop,” Tommy said, meeting Adam’s eyes. “Don’t. It’s too good. I don’t want to…” But he could already feel how Adam was tensing, and how he was too, so he just pushed back against Adam and put a hand on his cock.

It all happened so fast: Adam cried out, pushing hard inside Tommy as he came. Right after, Adam’s hand wrapped around Tommy’s and he came between their joined hands. “Shit,” he said, and he looked up at Adam. “Oh my god,” he said, laughing. Adam looked at him, and then he started laughing too. Then he leaned down and swallowed Tommy’s laughter in a kiss.

They stayed curled in each other’s arms until Adam grunted and moved to get rid of the condom. Tommy watched as Adam got up to go to the bathroom. He didn’t feel like moving, his arms and legs heavy with exhaustion. When Adam came back with the washcloth, he was almost asleep. “Can you stay?” he whispered.

“Yeah.” He felt the bed dip and soon Adam was curled around him again. “I’ll stay with you.” Tommy sighed as he settled into Adam’s arms. “Thank you. You made my prom night great.”

“Sorry I couldn’t go,” he said, and he felt Adam brush a kiss on his temple and before he fell asleep, he heard Adam whisper to him.

“It doesn’t matter. I knew you’d be here.”


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