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Tuesday I went in for another mammogram, since my right boob has very dense breast tissue and they could not get a reading. this lead to a two-hour visit which ended with an ultrasound. Everything's okay, but they want to put me through this a few times, since it's so hard to read and will make home self-checks hard.

After that, I went to my favorite combo Asian grocery and restaurant. After a nice dinner, I went to the grocery part and took a look at the seafood. This place has live eels, live turtles, ect. But I was offended aand grossed out by two not-live, gutted sharks. They were about a foot or so, and gray with white underneath. Not sure what type, but I wasn't happy. I love sharks. I was thinking "For SHAME", but what can you do? I just wound up buying my barley tea and moving on.

Today and yesterday, I've been going to the Dollar Trees around town to get t-shirts. I've been going to NOW meetings, and we're doing the Clothesline Project, a protest/art installation about sexual assault. I was put in charge of buying the shirts and clothespins. And let me tell you, the Eastlake Dollar Tree is God's Own Dollar Store-I will be back.
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