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I got some good presents, one of the best being this new ergonomic keyboard that is the reason my left hand isn't numb. I also got a bitchin' immersion blender/small chopper combo. And a whole bunch of other things, which is great. I love to get lots of small things.

When we got there, my sister was visibly not interested in being there. It made me angry at first, then I told myself it wasn't me most likely, but her being upset since it was our first Christmas without Dad. She warmed up a bit as the day went on.

Mom is doing okay, but she said nobody came to see her Christmas Eve. She gets frustrated at my sister as well, but there's not much I can do about that. My nephew was great, and he was actually interested in the book I got him. The book was The Catcher In the Rye, and he said "Oh, there's lots of Quiz Bowl questions about this!" (He's captain of his Quiz Bowl team at school.) So he's going to read it, yay!

Then we get home and learn that George Michael had died. One after another this year, but I had not expected that.
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